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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

You have to close the door.

A farmer and his wife were relaxing  in their small home after the days labour. As night set in, the wind started blowing and the front door was flung open. The husband ordered the wife to close the door. She did not want to do it. She asked the husband to do it. There was a dispute. So they decided to settle the dispute through a wager. "The duty to shut the door will go to the one who talks first" they decided. They slept that night leaving the front door open. 
As night progressed, a wild dog entered the house and started upturning the vessels containing food and eatables and also put its mouth into everything and made a mess of the household. Till, to keep the wager, neither the husband nor the wife spoke.
 In the morning, as there was no grains were left in the house untouched by the dog, the wife went out without speaking to the nearby mill to fetch some grain. 

Meanwhile the barber of the village was on his rounds. He offered his services to the farmer, but the latter kept mum. The barber got irritated and shaved the head of the farmer. Still no whisper from the victim. The barber proceeded to shave the right beard of the farmer, and this elicited no words of protest. So he proceeded to shave the left portion of the farmer's moustache. Still the farmer was in mounavrath. So the amused barber painted the body of the farmer with soot from the chimney. Still no words of protest came. The barber left the house saying ," yeh becharaa paagal ban gaya hai". 

The wife of the farmer entered the scene, grain in a basket she carried, and was horrified to see the demonic appearace of the farmer. She cried out " Bhagwan, inko kya ho gaya hai".. The barber opened his mouth now. "Nothing happened to me. You spoke first. So you have to close the door" 


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