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Monday, June 02, 2014

fishy taste

I remember I tasted non-veg once in my life when I was a boy of 6years, studying in the 2nd class at Parappanangadi.. BEMLP school. fifty four year ago.. 

Gazing at the sky with open mouth was a habit for me then, as it is today too.. 

The school was near a beach and I was sitting on the corner of the playground ( I was never a good sportsman)..
A crow carried a dead fish in its beak and dropped it into my open mouth.. 

I bit into the body of the fish even before realising what had happened. 

True, I spat out the offending thing immediately.

At that age, living among non-brahmins (many Muslims) all around me, and knowing that I was a brahmin( as told by my father and mother) and that the distinctive feature of ours was not to eat fish or meat, the incident meant a great sinful event for me.. 

So I got perturbed.. 

What will my parents do if they knew that I had tasted fish...?
I remember to have shed private tears for expiation from the grave sin...

And I retained the episode as a secret exclusively with me for so many days and months before I could open out my heart to my thatha( grandfather) who had come on a visit, and who was the ultimate authority for me in matters of truth and untruth, right and wrong (He is still so for me, though He is in heaven)..

He said God will forgive mistakes which are beyond our control

But I never had any occasion to change the view that taking fish or meat is not okey for brahmins.

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