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Friday, June 20, 2014

this is love..

this is love..

दर्शने स्पर्शने वाऽपि श्रवणे भाषणेऽपि वा।
यत्र द्रवत्यन्तरङ्गं स स्नेह इति कथ्यते॥
darśane sparśane vā'pi śravaṇe bhāṣaṇe'pi vā|
yatra dravatyantaraṅgaṁ sa sneha iti kathyate||
Real love is that sublime thing which melts our heart
when we see the one whom we love
when we touch the one whom we love
when we hear the one whom we love
when we talk to the one whom we love
Just think of Mother's love...An infant cannot survive without the sight, touch, and talk of Her..
Just think of Krishna's Love,
Just think of a friends's love
Just think of the love of one who is close to us.
It would be great if the loved one also sees us, touches us, talks to us and listen to us..

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