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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

impossible to satisfy..

impossible to satisfy..

सप्तैतानि न पूर्यन्ते पूर्यमाणान्यनेकशः।
स्वामिः पयोधिरुदरं कृपणोऽग्निर्यमो गृहं॥ 

saptaitāni na pūryante pūryamāṇānyanekaśaḥ|
svāmiḥ payodhirudaraṁ kṛpaṇo'gniryamo gṛhaṁ|| 

സപ്തൈതാനി ന പൂര്യന്തേ പൂര്യമാണാന്യനേകശഃ 
സ്വാമിഃ പയോധിരുദരം കൃപണോഗ്നിര്‍യമോ ഗൃഹം 

Seven things which never become full or can be satisfied howsoever much one tries to fill them or satisfy them 

1. Swami or the boss.. A boss will never be happy and satisfied with the work of his subodrdinate, in spite of the best perfromance 
2. Payodhi or the Ocean... The ocean can never be filled and it can recieve any amount of water, in spite of the water reaching it through rivers, rains, floods or deluges. 

3. Udharam or stomach.. Any amount of food eaten by us will give only temporary relief from hunger..Within hours we would be craving for more food 

4 .Kripana or the Stingy or miserly person... The avaricious person never get satisfied with whatever Income or wealth he has earned.. He will be on the lookout for more money and would try to earn more by fair means or foul. 

5. Agni. or Fire...The fire may inundate towns and forests in its wild rage, but it will be eager to consume more an more.. In fact its eagerness to engulf more things increaeses with its activity in progress. 

6. Yama the God of death.. The God of death snatch away innumerable number of living beings to its home every moment, but he is never satisfied.. The more the merrier is his policy and his black buffalo is always eager to carry any extra burden 

7. Griham or House.. Once a person starts building a house, the construction is never completed.. More and more money and material will be pumped in, but for sure, there will be something more by way of improvement or beautification.

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