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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

without comparison..

without comparison..

नास्ति विद्यासमं चक्षुः नास्ति सत्य समं तपः।
नास्ति रागसमं दुःखं नास्ति त्यागसमं सुखं॥

nāsti vidyāsamaṁ cakṣuḥ nāsti satya samaṁ tapaḥ|
nāsti rāgasamaṁ duḥkhaṁ nāsti tyāgasamaṁ sukhaṁ||

There can be no eyes better than knowledge
There can be no greater penance than truth
There can be no deeper grief than attachment
There can be no sublimer comfort than sacrifice..

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