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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

definition of God is only inclusive.

definition of God is only inclusive.

AllaH (may He ever be praised) is not a Muslim and
Balaji is not a Hindu..
Jesus is not a Christian

They all represent the timeless, limitless Supreme power.. 
we Trust they shower infinite mercy on all of us too..

The names attributed to that Supreme Being vary only because of differences in languages and dialects..
Ekam sat vipraaH bahudaa vadanti 
एकं सद्विप्रा बहुधा वदन्ति
ஏகம் ஸத் விப்ரா பஹுதா வதந்தி

If you try to read Shatarudreeyam which is also called Sri Rudram and is appearing as a part of Yajurvedam, what you would find is that the devotee knows that the Lord is present, controls and is the master of whatever one could perceive.. so we just go on calling him the lord of this, lord of that and so on..

But any definition of God is only inclusive... 
We can say God is man too, 
God is monkey too, 
God is the King too, 
God is the priest too.
.God is the thief too, 
God is the tree too.. and so on...

But God is all that and infinite objects and things more..

I do not know whether the followers of Islam of Christianity would accept it if I pray to Allah or the Holy father and Jesus in the same manner as to Krishna, 
but my faith does not prohibit me from doing that..

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