pachai maamalai pol mene

Friday, December 26, 2014


Honesty is something like a homeopathic pill.. Coated with or mixed with sugar, it can be quite a winner..

Two astrologers were examining the horoscope of the yuvaraja ( heir apparent) of kingdom.. in the presence of the powerful and ferocious king.. Both could see that the prince's longevity was under threat.. and could foresee that he would pre-decease his father..

The first astrologer was candid and confessed the fact without mincing words.. And the sword of the king moved like a lighting and the severed head of the astrologer touched the ground with a thud and rolled over.

The second astrologer also saw the same thing in the charts of the prince, but he also saw the head of his professional colleague rolling over the carpet like a football.

He made his prediction.." Your majesty, I read from the position of the starts that your Royal Highness will have a very long life.. And I have the happy tiding to submit that His Majesty will have the great fortune to anoint his grandson as the Yuvaraja.."

His Majesty was pleased beyond all limits, and the astrologer was flooded with presents.

For once, the King did not realize that his grandson would become the heir apparent only if his son left before the king himself..

Therefore it is evident that sugar-coating works wonders..

But I do not know about diabetics..

I am a diabetic and I have started hating sugar and sugar-coating too..

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