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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mend your ways or choose to perish

the earth is our mother.. mother of each living being..

and everything on earth has a right to our love and care.. not only fellow humans, the entire flora and fauna should be dear to us.. Every speck on soil on this planet is sacred..
True, nature has deemed it fit that we cannot exist or sustain our lives without making the mother's lap dirty.. We breathe in Oxygen and give out Carbon-dioxide.. We consume fine food and give back dirt.. But these are inevitable,, and in her abundance of love for her children, mother earth has already found ways and means to recycle out toxic products and restore the balance.

But as we progress in our race for greater comforts, we are creating more and more waste, that too more durable and persistent waste which nature cannot recycle..
There we are making our mother sick, and in turn, we are inviting maladies and final annihilation for us as a race and biological species..

We have to think.. not only think, we have to act, we have to strive to correct ourselves..

The slogan is

Mend your ways or choose to perish

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