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Friday, December 19, 2014

Trust in Divine actions and its complete propriety and fairness

There cannot be  dilly dallying  in  matters  of  faith in God..

We have just to have Trust in Divine actions and its complete propriety and fairness and  avoid attempts to  analyse and pass facile judgments..

We have too little knowledge or experience to pronounce our judgments on divine actions like causing birth or death.

When that Master is organising the affairs of innumerable beings in a canvas spanning over the  infinite space and time , our judgment of an action as right or wrong or fair or unfair can be completely faulty..
We have to remember that  sitting in a limited environs of vision with all bias.. some of which nature has endowed us with and some of which we have developed for ourselves..   our span of vision is pathetically narrow
and we cannot attain much accuracy sitting in such a rat-hole..

If we think god is unfair, then our judgment of Him is million times more unfair..

If we try to revisit  ancient lore or scripture or history,  we can find that destruction, whether timely or untimely according to us, has happened  to many good, bad, not so good, and utterly bad persons.
The scenario repeats till date .
We cannot really pass our judgement as to why those things happened..

Further ,  God has given us little degrees of freedom..

We can use iron to make a knife to cut vegetable or to make plough-head to till and cultivate land, and also to make swords, guns and bombs.. If we preferred weapons of destruction  God cannot be faulted for that.
The same nitrogen nurtures plants and forms part of dynamite which inundates people and persons and god has given us freedom to make either dynamite or fertilizer.
and strangely TNT also can be used to keep check clots in blood..

The cruel human being just sows and reaps destruction within the small extent of free will given..
Why should we  bring in  God to this issue..
Why blame Him?

Death of Abhimanyu in Bharatham  at such a tender age is a glaring example when God refused to move a finger against destiny..
The boy was his disciple, his nephew, his own son in law, and so many things to Krishna the person..
Still Abhimanyu  had to face  death

Order should be the  first priority , and exceptions rare..

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