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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Even simple contemplation on God the Krishna can be visited with impediments for the uninitiated

ब्रह्मचर्यदृढतादिभिर्यमैराप्ळवादि नियमैश्च पाविताः।
कुर्म्महे दृढममी सुखासनं पङ्कजाद्यमपि वा भवत्पराः॥२॥
तारमन्तमनुचिन्त्य सन्ततं प्राणवायुमभितम्य निर्म्मलाः
इन्द्रियाणि विषयादपहृत्यास्महे भवदुपासनोन्मुखाः॥३॥
अस्फुटे वपुषि ते प्रयत्नतो धारयेम धिषणां मुहुर्मुहुः।
तेन भक्तिरसमन्तरार्द्रतामुध्वहेम भवदंख्रिचिन्तकाः॥४॥
श्रीमन्नारायणीये दशकम् ४

अमी (वयं ) भवत्पराः ब्रह्मचर्य दृढता आदिभिः यमैः आप्ळवादि नियमैः च पावितां सुखासनं पङ्कजाद्यं (आसनं) दृढां कुर्म्महे।
(वयं) अन्तः तारं सन्ततं अनुचिन्त्य प्राणवायुं अभियम्य निर्म्मलाः अथ इन्द्रियाणि विषयात् अपहृत्य भवदुपासनोन्मुखाः आस्महे॥
(वयं) ते अस्फुटे वपुषि प्रयत्नतः धिषणां मुहुः धारयेम। भवदंघ्रि चिन्तकाः (वयं) तेन भक्तिरसं अन्तः आर्द्रतां (च) उद्वहेम॥।

brahmacharyadR^iDhataadibhiryamairaapLavaadi niyamaishcha paavitaaH.

kurmmahe dR^iDhamamii sukhaasanaM pa~Nkajaadyamapi vaa bhavatparaaH..2..
taaramantamanuchintya santataM praaNavaayumabhitamya nirmmalaaH
indriyaaNi viSayaadapahR^ityaasmahe bhavadupaasanonmukhaaH..3..
asphuTe vapuSi te prayatnato dhaarayema dhiSaNaaM muhurmuhuH.
tena bhaktirasamantaraardrataamudhwahema bhavadaMkhrichintakaaH..4..
shriimannaaraayaNiiye dashakam 4

amii vayaM bhavatparaaH brahmacharya dR^iDhataa aadibhiH yamaiH aapLavaadi niyamaiH cha paavitaaM sukhaasanaM pa~NkajaadyaM aasanaM dR^iDhaaM kurmmahe.
vayaM antaH taaraM santataM anuchintya praaNavaayuM abhiyamya nirmmalaaH atha indriyaaNi viSayaat apahR^itya bhavadupaasanonmukhaaH aasmahe..
vayaM te asphuTe vapuSi prayatnataH dhiSaNaaM muhuH dhaarayema. bhavadaMghri chintakaaH vayaM tena bhaktirasaM antaH aardrataaM cha udwahema...

In these three stanzaas, Bhattatiripad is enumerating the modalities of six of the eight elements of his bid to serve Guruvayurappan.

"Our Guruvayurappa, we, your servants, taking refuge only on your lotus feet,  shall with the help of the yamaas like unwavering celibacy (brahmacharya), non-violence, truth, and with the help of niyamas such as ablution, purification of the mind with gayatri, namajapa (chanting His name.. naryanana..narayana..) etc., would become pure mentally and physically,  and shall practice and  become used to your upasana  sitting in postures like Sukhaasana, Padmaasana"
(the limbs of yoga  yama, niyama and aasana are dealt with here.

"Our Guruvayurappa, we would with unwavering concentration contemplate on the primordial manthram.. Omkaram and control our breath through watching it with contemplation on the pranavam, and then we will be relieved of the mortal enemies of ours like lust, anger, meanness, infaturation etc.  Then we can prepared ourselves to engage ourselves in your worship."
  ( the parts of yoga, praanayama and  pratyahara are dealt with here)

"Our Guruvayurappa.. your form which encompasses the universe is not capable of  easy visualization by us either through the mortal eyes or the eyes of the mind. But with repeated attempts we will temper our intellect (which will not oblige us to concentrate) to dwell upon your universal form which is not clear  and in this process we will graduate into contemplating the sublime Vishnupaada of yours with practice of dharana and make our minds ecstatic with happiness coming out of bhakti and also realize the melting of the hardened minds of ours in the affectionate thoughts hovering around you."
  (the limb of Dharana in Yoga is dealth with here)

Vedas say.. 
tad viSnoH paramaM padaM sadaa pashyanti suurayaH...तद् विष्णोः परमं पदं सदा पश्यन्ति सूरयः॥ 
 the enlightened souls always see the ultimate in life which is the Lotus Feet    of Vishnu..Krishna the Guruvayurappan (and attaining it)

Even simple contemplation  on God the Krishna can be visited with impediments for the uninitiated.   Yoga is mentioned as a means to  attain sublime mental and physical realizations in the yogasutras of Patanjali and other texts.. But for the Devotee of Guruvayurappan, the limbs of Yoga are to be used only to have the abiding realization of Krishna's Lotus feet.. the feet beyond description which measured the whole universe in two feet and is still held up not finding further space for measurement..

A feeling of just getting transported  out of this mundane plane and being deposited  in an indescribable time-space continuum attracting one like a magnet to the lotus feet of Krishna comes to mind as this is being recorded by these sinful fingers and mind.  So what would be the ecstacy of the realized souls which have really found Him.. Krishna Guruvayurappa  please save me.

Krishna is too sweet and naughty.. He simply starts playing on the mind and the finger..preventing one from going further. Who can write when that lovely dark demon is standing before you and dancing inside you, sporting His charecteristic enigmatic smile?

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