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Saturday, November 26, 2011

you in your eternal kindness sits clear in our hearts as if etched in a picture, nay, you dance there too, you cunning naughty urchin.!"

विस्फुटावयवभेदसुन्दरं त्वद्वपुः सुचिरशीलनावशात्
अश्रमं मनसि चिन्तयामहे द्यानयोगनिरतास्त्वदाश्रया॥५॥
ध्यायतां सकळमूर्त्तिमीदृशीमुन्मिषन्मधुरतहृतात्मनां
सान्द्रमोदरसरूपमान्तरं ब्रह्मरूपमयि तेऽवभासते॥६॥
त्वत्समास्वदनरूपिणीम् स्थितिं त्वत्समाधिमयि विश्वनायक
आश्रिताः पुनरतः परिच्युतावारभेमहि च धारणाधिकम्॥७॥
श्रीमन्नरायणीये चतुर्थं दशकं ५६७
visphuṭāvayavabhedasundaraṁ tvadvapuḥ suciraśīlanāvaśāt
aśramaṁ manasi cintayāmahe dyānayoganiratāstvadāśrayā||5||
dhyāyatāṁ sakaḻamūrttimīdṛśīmunmiṣanmadhuratahṛtātmanāṁ
sāndramodarasarūpamāntaraṁ brahmarūpamayi te'vabhāsate||6||
tvatsmāsvadanarūpinṇīm sthitiṁ tvatsamādhimayi viśvanāyaka
āśritāḥ punarataḥ paricyutāvārabhemahi ca dhāraṇādhikam ||7||
srīmannarāyaṇīye caturthaṁ daśakaṁ 567

त्वदाश्रयाः वयं ध्यानयोगनिरताः विस्फुट अवयवबोधाः सुन्दरं त्वद् वपुः सुचिर शीलन वशात् अश्रमं मनसि चिन्तयामहे ॥५।
अयि कृष्ण ईदृशीं सकळमूर्तिं द्यायतः उन्मिषन् मधुरता आहृत आत्मनां योगिनां सान्द्र मोद रस रूपं आन्तरं ते रूपं ब्रह्म अवभासते।६॥
अयि विश्वनायक तत् समास्वदन रूपिणीं स्तितिम् त्वत् समाधिम् आश्रिताः। अतः परिच्युताः पुनः च धारणादिकं आरभेमहि॥७

In Srimannaaraayaneeyam the seeker poet Melpathur Narayana Bhattathirpad continues on his description of upasana of Guruvayurappan through ashtangayoga parctices constituting the yoga system of philosophy in our culture.. but here is a difference..

it is not mere yoga. 
Yoga here is only as a tool to keep Guruvayurappan in our hearts..
.It is yogabhakti to be more appropriate.
In the earler stanzas of Narayaneeyam the preliminaries like seating, mental and physical purification and such aspects leading to the mirror of mind and thought opening up to concentrated thinking on Guruvayurappan have been dealt with

"Our Lord Guruvayurappa may we your staunch devotees, who are entirely dependent on you apply our mind to Dhyanayoga and by constant practice, allow ourselves through your sweet grace, to have your describable form ( with beautiful black body, yellow silk garment, with sankah chakra gadha, padmam, with butter on one hand, with flute in the other hand hand, you wearing your loinclothes like an adorable nubile boy, with golden aranjaan (waistband ) and kausthubahm ..all the forms we see you adorning in Guruvayur) 
which are unclear to us normally will become manifest in our mind with constant practice of Dharana 
and with practice and deep devotion you in your eternal kindness sits clear in our hearts as if etched in a picture,
nay, you dance there too, you cunning naughty urchin.!"
Guruvayurappa, for those who have gained control over sense organs and mind, your form as the mind contemplates with all visible details first appears without going to greater details,..

This form even is so sweet that they get attracted and completely enchanted by such form so much so that they have no desire to think of anything else.

While in this excited state, gradually the realization that you are the Universal Brahman and are beyond any shapes gradually dawns upon them...
and the realization of the Supreme soul which has only ecstasy as form ( if one is to define a form to the formless), which could be realized only through the mind in that elevated state."

"But such nirvikalapasamadhi is not permanent.. 
So Guruayurappa, the master or the universe, we will elevate ourselves from contemplation of the manifest form of yours to the pure and unmanifest for some time, and when we are forced back by the mind to the lower state, we will again start yogic practices like Dharana to come back to your sublime form.

Evidently it is a mistake to say that the mystic poet Melpathur had approached the Universal Lord just with a plea to be relieved of some physical ailment. 
His mind is set on the eternal communion with 
Narayana the Param Brahma..

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