pachai maamalai pol mene

Monday, November 21, 2011

that Hari is playing flute and dancing...

सञ्चरदधरसुधामधुरध्वनि मुखरितमोहनवंशं
चलितदृगञ्चल चञ्चलमौलिकपोलविलोलवतंसं।
रासे हरिरिह विहितविलासं स्मरति मनो मम कृतपरिहासं॥
जयदेव विरचितं अष्टपदी ५--१
sañcaradadharasudhāmadhuradhvani mukharitamohanavaṁśaṁ
calitadṛgañcala cañcalamaulikapolavilolavataṁsaṁ|
rāse haririha vihitavilāsaṁ smarati mano mama kṛtaparihāsaṁ||
jayadeva viracitaṁ aṣṭapadi 5--1

With sweet vibrating lips He is playing that divine flute which gives out music more tasty than the ambrosia... 
He brings out those enticing looks in His eyes which are binding all around Him in a mesmeric spell, 
 the attractive dark hair and the earrings touching His reddish blue cheeks also are moving to the rhythm.. 
and in His rasa lila, that naughty Hari is attracting my mind to Him against my own instincts.. 
and that smile which though sarcastic is prompting me to go beyond all limits to love Him...
my  dear friend, please advice me  if there is any way I will not fall like an intoxicated person to the enchanting love of that tricky debauch.. Hari.. 
so says Radha