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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Her Divine Splendour

तापिञ्छस्तबकत्विषे तनुभृतां दारिद्र्यमुद्राद्विषे
संसाराख्यतमोमुषे पुररिपोः वामाङ्कसीमाजुषे।
कम्पातीरमुपेयुषे कवयतां जिहवाकुटीं जग्मुषे
विश्वत्राणपुषे नमोस्तु सततं तस्मै परज्योतिषे॥२॥
मूकपञ्चाशती-- स्तुतिशतकं

tāpiñchastabakatviṣe tanubhṛtāṁ dāridryamudrādviṣe
saṁsārākhyatamomuṣe puraripoḥ vāmāṅkasīmājuṣe|
kampātīramupeyuṣe kavayatāṁ jihavākuṭīṁ jagmuṣe
viśvatrāṇapuṣe namostu satataṁ tasmai
mūkapañcāśatī-- stutiśatakaṁ

Pranams to that supreme lustrous being, the Divine Mother  Kamakshi,
who is shining forth with the golden red
Colour resembling a bunch of tamala flowers,
who is theannihilator of poverty of all beings who have been born in living bodies,
who is capable of removing the darkness which surrounds the mundane life,
who is occupying the left side of the great Shambhu who vanquished the three cities(tripuras),
 who has manifested herself in the banks of Kampa river,
who is present in all Her glory in the tips of the tongues of all
Who are praising her,
who is engaged for ever in the protection of the universe.
This is perhaps the most famous stanza from Muuka Panchasati..

The Divine mother removes the poverty of the Devotees, gives deliverance from the samsara sagaram which is shrouded in the darkness of mean instincts, makes scholars of all those are dependent on Her..
Pranams to the Mother.

(Taapincha.. also called Tamaala.. is a tree with
name Crataeva Roxburghii .. the flower is called
in malayalam, kasaamboo in tamil.

The taapincha is also known to be the pomegranate flower..)

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