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Saturday, February 23, 2013

what a way to spend life!

प्रातः द्यूतप्रसङ्गेन मध्याह्ने स्त्रीप्रसङ्गतः।
रात्रौ चोरप्रसङ्गेन कालो गच्छति धीमतां॥

prātaḥ dyūtaprasaṅgena madhyāhne strīprasaṅgataḥ|
rātrau coraprasaṅgena kālo gacchati dhīmatāṁ||

The famous Sanskrit sloka attributed to many,
 and especially to Chanakya, 
on a plain reading would  mean that

The life of wise men are spent 
in playing of dice in the morning, 
in the company of women in the midday 
and the night is spent in indulging with robbers.

Let us revisit the issue in a different context!

The playing of dice is the turning-point in the Great epic of India, Mahabharatham.. So by Dyoothaprasangam, the poet indicates study of Bharatham.
The core issue of the epic Ramayanam by Sage Valmiki is the abduction of a woman, Devi Seetha by Ravana and the valourous deeds of Rama, Hanuman and others in punishing the abductor Ravana and regaining Seetha in an honourable way..This Ramayanam forms the subject of study for the learned in the daytime.
The greatest robber,  who stole butter in Gokula, stole the minds of Gopis in Brindavan, and is ever stealing the Hearts of all His devotees for ever and ever, is none other that Krishna.. and Srimad Bhagavatham is studied by the learned men in the nights.. 
So the wise men spend their time is studying Bharatham, Ramayanam and Bhagavatham..

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