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Friday, May 16, 2014

Beauty of the Black

Beauty of  the Black

Dark clouds are murmuring in the twilight sky..
The forest landscape is rendered black with thick growth of rosewood trees.
The cowherds, and that dark boy too, are assembled in those thickets
Nanda tells Radhika.. “This timid boy is afraid of darkness and the night.
.Therefore you carry him home”
That nubile damsel carries that ever naughty urchin on her laps and moves towards home.
On the way, in the banks of Yamuna with water flowing dark and deep
In the bowers adorned with dark shooting branches, the boy grows as a youth
And Radha and Madhava play there the secret games of love
May that love protect us
(From Gita Govindam)
मेघैर्मेदुरमंबरं वनभुवः श्यामाः तमालद्रुमैः
नक्तं भीरुरयं तदेव तमिमं राधे गृहं प्रापय
इत्थं नन्दनिदेषतः स्थलितयोः प्रत्यग्रकुञ्जद्रुमं
राधामाधवयोः जयन्ति यमुनाकूले रहः केळयः
meghair medhuram ambaram vanabhuvaH shyaamaaH tamaaldrumaiH
naktam bheerurayam tadeva tamimam raadhe griham praapaya
ittham nand nidesathasthalithayoh pratyagrakunjadrumam
raadhamaadhavayoh jayanti yamunaakooley rahah kelayaH..

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