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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

that naughty lover...

पर्यङ्कीकृतनागनायकफण श्रेणीमणीनाम् गणे
सङ्क्रान्तप्रतिबिम्बसंवलनया बिभ्रद्विभुप्रक्रियां।

पादाम्भोजवविहारिवारिधिसुताम् अक्ष्णां दिदृक्षुः शतैः
कायव्यूहम् इवाकरोदुरुमुदा योऽसौ हरिः पातु वः॥
गीतगोविन्दे सुप्रीतपीताम्बरे
paryaṅkīkṛtanāganāyakaphaṇa śreṇīmaṇīnām gaṇe
saṅkrāntapratibimbasaṁvalanayā bibhradvibhuprakriyāṁ |
pādāmbhojavihāriavāridhiasutām akṣṇāṁ didṛkṣuḥ śataiḥ
kāyavyūham ivākarodurumudā yo'sau hariḥ pātu vaḥ||
gītagovinde suprītapītāmbare

Hari is occupying the cozy bed formed by the curly body of the divine snake Aadhisesha.
The embodiment of beauty, Devi Laksmi is sitting holding His lotus feet.
Sesha is holding up his head of thousand hoods forming a canopy for the Lord.. and each hood is adorned by a brilliant gem..
The Lord of the universe is not satisfied with enjoying the beauty of Rema with a mere one pair of eyes.
So He manifests in thousand bodies being reflected by the gems adorning the crowns of Sesha..
Hari thus reveals to the whole world His own prowess to manifest in as many forms as he wishes.
And His love for the daughter of the Ocean is so much that He is simply devouring Her beauty through the two thousand eyes reflected in those thousand gems.
May that ever merciful universal Lover Hari the Krishna protect all.

This is one of the sublimest stanzas in Gitagovindam… rendered as a Mangalaslokam

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