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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

a very sensible prayer

a very sensible prayer

Someone asked whether there was any prayer to be made Young persons in order to attain a suitable wife..

I found one straight but very potent prayer in the Argala Stotram, chanted as a prelude to chanting Devi mahatymam (Saptashati Chandi from Markandeya Puranam).

I find only one slokam from Argala Stotram in the poorvanga of Devi Mahatmyam...

പത്നീം മനോരമാം ദേഹിമനോവൃത്താനുസാരിണീം
താരിണീം ദുര്ഗ്ഗസംസാര സാഗരസ്യ കുലോദ്ഭവാം (അര്‍ഗ്ഗളാ സ്തോത്രം 26)

पत्नीं मनोरमां देहि मनोवृत्तानुकारिनीं 
तारिणीं दुर्गसंसार सागरस्य कुलोद्भवाम्

Patneem manoramaa dehi manovrutthaanukaarineem
tharineem dugasamsaara saagarasya kulodbhavaam

It is a prayer to Mother Mahaatripurasunadari

May Your Merciful Grace be pleased to bless me with a wife who is pleasing to the mind, who would conduct herself in sync with the yearning of my mind, who will be successful in ferrying me across the ocean of life which is indeed very difficult to cross, and who is born in a decent family.

(Since it is a mantra from tantric text, it will have many hidden meanings.. and that is for Vidyopaasakaas.. This is one of the fifteen chants prescribed from Devimahatmyam .. all of which can bring great results to sincere devotees.)

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