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Saturday, November 01, 2014

statement on oath

statement on oath

A most respected and beloved friend of mine had given his views on the solemn Oath taken in the name of God, in the name of own mother and such great things.. He trusts that such solemn promises may not be broken

But, the average human being, in my view' would make any oath in the name of almost anything to save a situation and also to steal the limelight too in that process..
We see that phenomenon in action even among our most popular leaders be it politicians, statesmen, gurus, saints, savants, and self proclaimed prophets...
But in law, statements on oath or solemn affirmation are important mainly because such oaths and affirmations have been made legally binding.. My views on that
“Statements given on oath or solemn affirmation before courts or competent authorities, have enforceable value.. if what is stated on oath or solemn affirmation before such authorities is proved untrue or even found to be factually wrong or distorted, the deponent or the testator can be punished with fines or imprisonment as provided by law.. There are some statutes or rules regarding oaths in every judicial system.. We have one such law in India.. So the system works..
But the other proposition that we are afraid of Gods anger, or the consequences that may visit others because of our oath etc, can be of value only to truthful and nice people.. and for truthful and good people, no oath is necessary..”

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