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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

I love social media, just because, I could read a lot here..

For a compulsive or a rather obsessive reader like me, the web and the social media are real boons.. 

Reading just for the love of words, reading for enjoyment, reading with affection.... that is an experience without match for an lover of words..

Reading in any language one knows, reading anything from poetry to pulp fiction, would give some sense of purpose to life, which can be too drab otherwise..

I remember reading from pieces of newspaper coming as packing material to grocery.. I remember reading cinema notices and song books.. half a century ago, and reaching blind alleys not being able to understand all that is written.. Still it was an experience..

But as the reading progresses, the music of the language, the rhythm of the grammar, just grows inside us.. When there is a wrong usage, a faulty spelling, a gruff word,...we just get uneasy, often very angry.. We may even blurt out something rather undiplomatic.. and it can be mistaken as arrogance.. It is the love of the language, love of rhythm that prompts us to cry out and not the persona of the author.. But that is never accepted that way

A lover of words, by his very nature, cannot keep quiet, especially when the language is mutilated.. Can one keep his calm when his sibling, friend or child is receiving bleeding gashes on their faces from the sharp fingernails of some naughty and inconsiderate peer?

I love social media, just because, I could read a lot here..

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