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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Let us be realistic..

Let us be realistic..

Most of the relationships in life are loveless or having little love..

A couple may be devoted to each other in excessive yearnig in the earlier periods of courtship and marital bliss .. but physical, material and psychological factors do make dent even in this relation and after sometime --it is pax romana...nothing particularly right or wrong about it..

And love for the offspring is pronounced in parents.. but it cannot be denied that social compulsions also play a role in that too...

But as the children grow up and grow their own wings, the same amount of love cannot be expected to be returned..

In fact, the gesture of caring for old parents comes more from social rules rather than love or even gratitude.. This is natural.
No one need blamed for that..

Each one has a role to play and once he leaves the stage, limelight will not follow him.. But the conflict arises because the characters who should exit and wash off the makeup, are trying to sing and dance, and hindering the new players whose term has already come..

Things will be more clear if we can see the issue from the perspective of both the players..

Our judgment gets clouded when we empathise with one person or point of view in preference to the other party to the transaction and the latter's state of mind...

The biological aspects of love are more real, and love would remain strong to bond the persons concerned as long as that aspect endures.. The other aspects of love, like idealistic, social, spiritual, etc have really no such strong legs to stand...
Let us be realistic..

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