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Thursday, November 20, 2014

समन्दहसितेक्षणां .

 समन्दहसितेक्षणां ..
This is an epithet for the Divine Mother  from Mahatripurasundari Ashtakam.. a great hymn of profound and hidden meanings to Vidyopasakas..  
They see secret string of letters and meanings.
But the poetic meaning for us  is that the mother.... and the mother who is the embodiment of beauty, compassion and grace. can alone  have that expression.. is giving a bewitching smile through her eyes.. 

We see people smile using their mouth, with teeth or without teeth, or with made up teeth,smile with a sense of commiseration or even smirk.. some toothy smiles are beautiful. some can be quite irritating... 

But this lady, our Mother, when Her eyes fall on any of Her children, is  so blissfully happy that the process of showing happiness starts even without the impulse or signal travelling the short distance from the eyes to the lips. 

Just think of Her love for Us..The hymn is famed as having been penned by Adhishankara Himself.

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