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Monday, August 17, 2015


Some one said everyone has two eyes, but do not have same views..

Of course, people survive with one eye, no eye at all, with squint eye, long sight, short sight, cataract and so on.. 

But if there is no agreement in views at some stage, no one can actually survive.. 
Agreeing to disagree is only tall talk.
My comment to the eye problem was
"but the two eyes are in sync of sorts ..

the slight focal displacement ensures three dimensional vision..

the two eyes are or should be the best friends..

If one eye closes when the other sees or tries to look at something else results can be funny and disastrous too.

similarly views should be either to reinforce if you agree, 
to persuasively alter if you feel there are mistakes, 
and always to build a bridge..
But it is one-up-manship galore we find most of the times..

Views are flaunted to show off, 
to draw attention 
and most of the time 
not to find solutions..

I thing a little action, a little introspection, is better in worth than millions of words..'

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