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Monday, August 10, 2015

Sreevathsa Gothram

Sreevathsa Gothram

Among brahmins, Gothra or clan is a very distinctive feature.. Each Gothra is presided over by three preceptor of linear hierarchy..
There was a discussion as to what is the most superior Gothram.
Of course, that issue is only academic.
My post in that discussion thread..

There is a saying among many brahmins that Sreevatsa gothram is the greatest..
Bhargava, Chavyana, Aplavana, Ourva, Jamadganya, Pancharsheya, pravaraanvita. ( presided by sages Bhrigu, Chyavana, Alavana, Urva and linear parental hierarchy)..

I do not belong to that gothram anyway.. No close relatives either in fathers or mothers lineage too do not belong to that gothram..

I am not talking of the superiority of Srivatsa Gothram out of any personal preference|

Bhagavan Sriman Narayana was born in this gothra as Lord Parasurama..

This is in spite of the fact Vishnu had a tiff with Brigu, and beheaded the wife of Bhrigu.. and History repeated when Parasurama beheaded Renuka his mother..

And you know the Srivatsam actually denotes the black birthmark on the Chest of Sriman Narayana formed when he was kicked on the chest by Bhrigu..

I have heard about the superiority of Srivatsa gothram having pravara of five sages instead of the usual three,, from many scholars..

Maybe it is just an school of thought.. I am not one who would try to argue too much on such issue.. 
It is enough if Brahmins and human beings as a whole are united,,

It would hardly matter as to what gothram they belong..

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