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Friday, August 28, 2015

why Krishna cursed Asvatthaama.......

why Krishna cursed Asvatthaama.......

Even the Merciful Lord Krishna was angry beyond limits when Ashvathama sent the Apandava Astram on the Foetus growing inside the womb of Uttara, the widow of Abhimanyu... 
In fact after all the children of pandavas were either killed or murdered as a consequence of the Mahabharatha War, the only hope left for the race of Kurus was this child growing in Uttara's womb..
The cruelty of Asvathama was beyond endurance and pardon..
The Blessed Lord, of course revived and rejuvenated the child which was born dead.. and this Child grew as the great Emperor Parikshit.
Given below the extract from Mahabharatam..
"I am giving an extract from Mahabharaatham of Vyasa, Saupthika Parva.Aishika parva chapter Sixteen Slokas 8 to 12
The blessed Lord Krishna Said
You, Son of Drona, You may note that the powerful arrow (theApandava Astram) which you have sent will have impact on the foetus growing in the womb of Uttara (the widow of Abhimanyu..the sole progeny for the race of Kurus)...The foetus will be born lifeless but it will be blessed with long life (by My Divine Will)
But you take note that the whole world will deride you as cruel, cowardly perpetrator of unpardonable sins.. In addition, you will have to face the consequences of your most sinful deed. 
From this day onwards, for three thousand years, you will be wandering on this earth aimlessly and falteringly..
You will not have the relief of having conversation with anyone in this world, and no one will talk to you even if you try to talk to him
You will be wandering aimlessly across lands which are never populated by human beings.
The places wherever you wander would have no other living being other than you.
You wretch, you will never be able to mingle with human being in society.
Your body will be filled with wounds which would never heal and you will be oozing stale blood and pus through those wounds (including the would inflicted by Bhimasena when he plucked the birth gem which had grown as a part of your head)
Because of your ghastly wounds and the foul smell spread by those wounds, you would be forced to withdraw from places where other human beings reside.
You sinner, you will be afflicted with all the diseases that anyone can have on earth and would be wandering senselessly hither and thither for ever and ever..
The clipping from the epic is attached


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