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Friday, August 21, 2015

that Grand Beautiful Lady

that Grand Beautiful Lady,
Mother Lalitha Mahatripurasundari is praised with many qualities in Lalithasahasranamam

The best epithets appear to be reserved to the concluding part..

Avyaajakarunaamoorthi.अव्याजकरुणामूर्तिः .
.possessing the form of guileless mercy...She is innocence of motherhood personified.. her Mercy for her children is unconditional and guileless.. it really does not matter whether we lover her or just act before Her, Her concern for us is the same.

She is the bright lamp which drives away the pitch darkness of ignorance... In Her presence, all our ignorance fleets away..

Aaabaalagopaviditaa.. आबालगोपविदिता 
She is understood by Aa.. th supreme lord Sadasiva and at the same time, she is very familiar to a small boy or even a cowherd..

Sarvaanullanghya Shaasanaa.सर्वनुल्लन्ख्य शासना .
Her suzerain powers and commands go unchallenged at all levels beginning from the ordinary earthlings and extends upto the great Sadasiva..

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