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Friday, August 21, 2015

Man and his monkey..

Man and his monkey..

A man and his monkey were walking along a village road, the man carrying a stick in addition.. 
The man saw a round discarded can lying waste at the centre of the road..
He just brandished the stick ,cricketer-style and hit the can, and it flew a long way, although not for a sixer. 
The monkey was watching with interest.. 
They were walking on. 
The man left the monkey and the stick too in the middle of the road and walked to the side to ease himself.. 
There was a potter's house where mud pots were being made, burned in the oven and stacked in a big row one pot upon the other.. 
The monkey remembered his master's earlier flourish with a round can and thought of using the round mud pots too in a similar fashion..

He rightly presumed that the time was ripe for the cricketing contact between the pots and the stick and choosing the pot in the lowest row as his ball, and put the presumption into action..

The result is history..

Broken pots, 
the vanishing monkey, 
the bolting master of the monkey,
the shouting potter 
and finally the stick lying silently on the roadside like a mute witness, 

and of course 

the broken heart of the potter
A good lesson to support swacchatha activists..
No one should leave trash in the middle of the road.. 
And none should retire to the roadside to ease himself..
Especially when he has monkey for his company..

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