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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

glitters but not gold

चत्वारि राज्ञा तु महाबलेन वर्ज्यान्याहुः पण्डितस्तानि विद्यात्।
अल्पप्रज्ञैः सह मन्त्रम् न कुर्यान्न दीर्घसूत्रैः रभसैश्चारणैश्च॥
catvāri rājñā tu mahābalena varjyānyāhuḥ paṇḍitastāni vidyāt|
alpaprajñaiḥ saha mantram na kuryānna dīrghasūtraiḥ rabhasaiścāraṇaiśca||
chatwaari rajnaa thu maahaabalena varjyaanyaahu panditastaani vidhyaat
alpaprajnaih saha manthram na kuryaanna diirghasuutraih rabhasaischaaranaicha

The learned people should always keep in mind that the King or the administration which is strong and decisive,  should by all means shun advise and counsel from four types of people
 1.  those  with limited knowledge but who think that they are great scholars.
 2.  those who have made procrastination and inventing excuses as  their lifestyle. 
3. those who are impulsive and never think of  consequences of their words
 4. those who are deceitful, and hand out  advice which would be sweet and agreeable to the senses for the present but would cause irreparable damage in the long run

This advice would apply with equal force for the ordinary people also.

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