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Friday, January 14, 2011

never insult a person

कदाऽपि पुरुषम् नावमन्येत 
चाणक्यसूत्रे  २०६
kadā'pi puruṣam nāvamanyeta 
cāṇakyasūtre  206

കദാപി  പുരുഷം നാവമാന്യേത

I am quoting a cryptic aphorism by chanakya.. just three words .. but the advice is of universal application.  Simply,  Never insult a person.  For every human being, rich or poor, influential or innocent, his personal dignity is the greatest possession he has.  The bosses, official or politica, parents children when they are grown up and independent, all resort to this most unpleasant tactic.   Once a person has been insulted, the damage is done fore ever. No amount of apologies or compensations can make good the breach.  To insult a person is a sureshot way to gain an inveterate foe. 
Let us see how fair our Maker the God is.. He has created people of different capabilities with his own exalted designs. Who are we to compare or question His Judgement.

A personal confession.. I am sure I have never lived upto this advice.  I have dished out too many insults and taken insults in equal number.  Only God can judge.


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