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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Re: the fool knows no limits.

You are doing a great job Ananthan sir. It's really worth reading your mails, especially for people like me who knows very little about Hindu books.



On 6 January 2011 18:33, Ananthanarayanan Vaidyanathan <> wrote:
आत्मनो बलमज्ञाय धर्मार्थपरिवर्जितम्।
अलभ्यन्मिच्छन्नैष्कर्म्यात् मूढबुद्धिरिहोच्यते॥
ātmano balamajñāaya dharmārthaparivarjitam|
alabhyanmicchannaiṣkarmyāt mūḍhabuddhirihocyate||
ആത്മനോ ബാലമജ്നായ ധര്മ്മാര്‍ഥ് പരിവര്‍ജിതം
അലഭ്യമിച്ച്ചന്‍ നൈഷ്കര്‍മ്യാത് മൂഡ്‌ബുദ്ധിരിഹോച്യാതെ
One who does not take realistic stock of his strengths and foibles, and  having given a go by to the thought of virtue and financial viability of an action, is simply waiting eagerly for things which  are unattainable, and at the same time is remaining inactive always,  is an idiot of the first order.

Three great truths of life are  enunciated here..
1. One should be always realistic when evaluating ones own strength and weaknesses.
 2. One should embark on a project which is strictly lawful and at the same time viable withing his financial capacity. 
3.  One should not pine for something  unattainable especially when he chooses not to take any positive attempt towards attaining a goal

When it is put by Vidhura or any other  great soul  the statement looks very appealing.  And  all across the world the same ideas have been reiterated  by the masters to the disciples.  But when applying the rules in real life we flounder.  
I think it was Shelley who said,"We look before and after and pine for what is not"


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