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Sunday, January 09, 2011

learn to earn quick

नालसाः प्राप्नुवन्त्यर्थान् न शठाः न च मानिनः।
न च लोकरवात् भीताः न च श्वः श्वः प्रतीक्षकाः॥
nālasāḥ prāpnuvantyarthān na śaṭhāḥ na ca māninaḥ|
na ca lokaravāt bhītāḥ na ca śvaḥ śvaḥ pratīkṣakāḥ||

The idle people can never earn money,  so is the case with the obstinate and the arrogant. 
Those who are overly afraid of scandals from public and other sources also cannot come by riches.
The worst category of people who are confined to eternal poverty are the ones who simply persuade themselves to believe that the affluence will come by itself tomorrow or the day next.

A mendicant or an ordinary human being can afford to be poor by choice.  This advice of Chanakya is especially to the ruler of a country and the persons who handle the public resources.


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