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Sunday, January 30, 2011

hoarding of food, the worst sin

मोघम् अन्नं विन्दते अप्रचेताः
सत्यं ब्रवीमि वध इत्स तस्य।
नार्यमणं पुष्यति नो सखायं
केवलाघो भवति केवलादी॥
ऋग्वेदं १०--११७--६
mogham annaṁ vindate apracetāḥ
satyaṁ bravīmi vadha itsa tasya|
nāryamaṇaṁ puṣyati no sakhāyaṁ
kevalāgho bhavati kevalādī||
ṛgvedaṁ 10--117--6
മോഘം അന്നം വിന്ദതെ അപ്രചേതാ:
സത്യം ബ്രവീമി വധ ഇത്സ തസ്യ
നാര്യമണം പുഷ്യതി നോ സഖായം
കേവലാഘോ  ഭവതി കെവലാദീ
ഋഗ്വേദം ൧൦  ൧൧൭  ൬
Only the most unwise person will grow or obtain (and hoard)  food-grains all for himself because it is not going to serve him any worthy purpose.  
This I say for sure.  
Such hoarding is the harbinger of death for him.   
By such action that  he will not share his food either with a friend or a comrade,
and eats up everything all by himself  is also committing sin all by himself (with no one to share his sin).

Please note.. sharing the resources with the comrade became the war-cry in the west with the advent of socialism and communism.  
But the first Veda which set us our code of conduct  declares unequivocally that the products from the earth are there for all to share. 
 It has declared it as the greatest sin for one is  not to share his food with his friends and comrades. 
The Indian of the yore  was not  capable of being selfish.  
 Every prayer, every law, every advice recorded by him was for the benefit of all..


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