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Friday, May 13, 2011

angry man is his own worst enemy.

यक्ष उवाच--
कः शत्रुर्दुर्जयः पुंसाम् कश्च व्यादिरनन्तकः
कीदृशस्च स्मृतः साधुरसाधुः कीदृषः स्मृतः॥७२॥
युधिष्टिर उवाच--
क्रोधः सुदुर्जयो शत्रुर्लोभो व्याधिरनन्तकः।
सर्वभूतहितः साधुरसाधुर्निर्दयः स्मृतः॥७३
महाभारते आरण्यकपर्वणि यक्षप्रश्ने अध्यायः २९७yakṣa uvāca--
kaḥ śatrurdurjayaḥ puṁsām kaśca vyādiranantakaḥ
kīdṛśasca smṛtaḥ sādhurasādhuḥ kīdṛṣaḥ smṛtaḥ||72||
yudhiṣṭira uvāca--
krodhaḥ sudurjayo śatrurlobho vyādhiranantakaḥ|
sarvabhūtahitaḥ sādhurasādhurnirdayaḥ smṛtaḥ||73
mahabhārate āraṇyakaparvaṇi yakṣapraśne adhyāyaḥ 297

In the celebrated question-answer session between the Yaksha and the King Dharmaputra, the yaksha asks the king to define some very impossible characteristics of a man which are not easily controlled and some traits which makes the man very noble.
The questions by yaksha are.. Who is the most invincible enemy?  Which is the most incurable disease?  Who is the most noble person? Who is the most despicable person?
The wise king answers. (1) Uncontrollable anger or rage is the worst enemy  one can have  (2)  Stinginess and jealousy are the most incurable diseases.
(3) The noble man is one who strives for ever for the welfare of all beings and (4) a man  who has no place for kindness in his heart is the most despicable one.
The crisp answers speak volumes.  Anger and its elder brother rage, have arrogance, thoughtlessness and violence as thier companions.  Most of the destructive acts in the human lore were committed by persons under the influence of rage.  A jealous fellow is always sad about what others have and does not care much about the huge possessions in his own kitty. And this fellow will never think of parting with even little of his welath for some good purpose.  The noblest though that can arise to anyone is that "let there be welfare in the whole of universe..and since the universe includes this noble man also, and therefore he need not take special care of himself.  And  a person who does not have sympathy for anyone is not a human being at all.


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