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Saturday, May 28, 2011

tainted money is abhorrent

अवमानेनागतमैश्वर्यं  अवमन्यते साधुः॥१६०॥
अधमा धनमिच्छन्ति धनं मानश्च मध्यमाः।
उत्तमाः मानमिच्च्चन्ति मानो हि महताम् धनं॥
avamānenāgatamaiśvaryaṁ  avamanyate sādhuḥ ||160||
adhamā dhanamicchanti dhanaṁ mānaśca madhyamāḥ|
uttamāḥ mānamicccanti māno hi mahatām dhanaṁ||

"Wealth attained  at the cost of self respect is rejected with disdain by the noble men".  says Chanakya
This statement is further highlighted by a Subhashitam. 

 "The wretched creature covets to earn money by any means.  
The moderate man would prefer to have money and also strive to ensure that his good name is not overly tarnished in the lookout for money.  
But the noble soul would never compromise his good name in pursuit of money,
 for the greatest wealth for them is the unblemished reputation and unsullied self-respect"

Abject poverty may be viewed as the greatest bane in life by many.
 So it would appear natural that it is natural for one to covet wealth..
 But  in a decent society if people flout law and order and basic human decency when it comes to hoard whatever material assets are available for consumption, the system is thrown into chaos.  
The desire for wealth becomes an obsession with people and the strongest among them become mere robbers. 
All great souls born in human history were acutely aware of this danger.  
Jesus wanted everyone to be his neighbours keeper.  
Gandhiji echoed this in his social philosophy  that the rich people were just keeping their wealth as an endowment for the benefit of all.

The desire for money can make a man to stoop  to any low levels.  
We see and often become victims to  this dangerous trend as reflected in various crimes.. 
Most of the crimes are perpetrated with the ultimate greed for money.

It is the aftermath of greed of the people with wealth that prompted them to resort to exploitation of the indigent majority and every revolution, every war, every bloodshed had its genesis in the fight against tyranny of wealth. 

Wars were fought either to hoard money or to destroy such looters.
True, we should have money, but that is to fulfill our reasonable needs of life.  Beyond that is there any reason not to share?  .

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