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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

His company washes away all flaws.

दोषाकरोऽपि कुटिलोऽपि कळङ्गितोऽपि
मित्रावसानसमये विहितोदयोऽपि
चन्द्रस्तदाऽपि हरवल्लभतामुपैति
नैवाश्रितेषु गुणदोषविचारणा स्यात्॥१३८
बल्ललदेवकृते भोजप्रभन्धे
doṣākaro'pi kuṭilo'pi kaḻaṅgito'pi
mitrāvasānasamaye vihitodayo'pi
candrastadā'pi haravallabhatāmupaiti
naivāśriteṣu guṇadoṣavicāraṇā syāt||138
ballaladevakṛte bhojaprabhandhe

In this sloka, the poet Ballaala deva  is of the view that when someone has joined  a noble man as a faithful servant, most of the latter's bad qualities are overlooked.  The moon it tainted (because of his partisan attitude towards his select wife Rohini while his other twentysix other star wives were languishing ), and he created doshaa the night, he is crooked ( he acted  meanly with other stars except Rohini) because of his emaciated crescent form,  he is having flaws on his face (again cursed with tuberculosis for his infidelity)  ,  he is appearing when Mitra (meaning friend -- the moon usually appears when the sun is set)---the sun is about to leave ( it also implies that the best of his friends have abandoned him after the Rohini episode)....  Thus there is nothing positive left in him .But the Moon did a clever thing,  he took refuge at the lotus feet of Lord Siva, the Parameswara, and the kind god accepted him and gave the crescent a pride of place over His matted hair in the company of Devi Ganga,  the epitome of purity. 
This would mean that however bad one is, when he surrenders in absolute servitude to the Mahadeva,  all the defects are forgotten and he is accepted without questioning. This is the sign of a noble master.
By the Grade of the Universal Master Sadaasiva, all the earlier sins of a person are simply set aside.

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