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Saturday, May 07, 2011

whether to believe in God or not

Life and its limbs are governed by a strange mixture or logic, faith, reasoning and sometimes lame justification,may be at times blind adulation also. Old religious beliefs said god is running the world with His power of delusion, Maya... if we buy this idea, we have to say all ideas about godhead were tinted with a sense of uncertainty or even one can say, fraud. Yudistira is said to have remarked in yaksha prasnam..."no two books on scriptures, no two arguments, no two sages reach exact agreement on any issue and the dialogue goes on and on. The real truth is hidden in a dark cave..The best way is to follow the path trodden by noble elders". The feeling of hurt to logic(or intelligent reasoning) is highlighted, but we are processing this wonderful logic with an imperfect mind or brain. So it is not only garbage in --garbage out, but also garbage added in between. Every leader of opinion worth his salt has resorted to exploiting the credulousness of the public, be it Krishna, Gandhi, Sankara, Churchill, Rasputin ... or baba or mata. What they achieve in their lifetime stands out and speaks for itself. We cannot judge even whether "Kayamkulam Kochunni" , a robber who looted the rich to help the poor was good or evil. (The westerners may see the shadow of Robin Hood). So the discussion can be nothing but inconclusive.

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