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Thursday, May 26, 2011

inherently rich

करे श्लाघ्यस्त्यागः शिरसि गुरुपादप्रणमता
मुखे सत्या वाणी विजयि भुजयोर्वीर्यमतुलं।
हृदि स्वच्छा वृत्तिः श्रुतिमधिगतं च श्रवणयोर्
विनाप्यैश्वर्येण प्रकृतिमहतां मण्डनमिदम्॥५३॥
भर्त्तृहरेः नीतिशतकात्

kare ślāghyastyāgaḥ śirasi gurupādapraṇamatā
mukhe satyā vāṇī vijayi bhujayorvīryamatulaṁ|
hṛdi svaccha vṛttiḥ śrutimadhigataṁ ca śravaṇayor
vināpyaiśvaryeṇa prakṛtimahatāṁ maṇḍanamidam||53||
bharttṛhareḥ nītiśatakāt

Bharthruhari and other greats have been repeatedly stressing the superiority of noble accomplishments over mere enrichment by way of  money.

 Maybe it is so  because the words are worth repetition so that the message will be carried to one and all at every point of time. 
The great masters loved us so much that they are repeating  the great idea again and again, even at the risk of being termed as otiose.. 
So I have no hesitation in parrot-like repetition of the idea..

"The hands have the advantage of giving bounties to deserving people. 
The head is always adorning the blessings of the lotus feet of the preceptors and elders. 
The lips are gushing forth truthful and sublime words. 
The strong hands contain supreme valour ready for action and always bringing victory. 
The thoughts arising in the mind are always enlightened and guileless.  
The ears have ingested all the knowledge of scriptures through them and are still filled with such knowledge.  
This is the natural state of the noble men. 
 For them these accomplishments become natural ornaments and they shine even without material  affluence and ostentation."

One need not be materially rich to become a respected person among his  peers. 
 In fact, possessing wealth may not be an ultimate test for one's position in the society. 
Moreover, even if one is very rich and he has no inclination to share his fortune with others, no one is going to care for them. 
 The real wealth consists of a noble mind, capacity for  expressing things in nice and truthful words, dexterity in profession,  
and the blessings of the preceptors and elders.  
Even minor and unexpected   calamities can take away the material wealth one possessed.
 But the innate virtues and  a blemish-less name remain with him for ever.


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