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Sunday, October 26, 2014

study in contrast..

study in contrast..

The most beautiful woman, yes, the beauty of thousand Rathis bundled into one girl, (सहस्ररती सौन्दर्या) the daughter of the Landlord of all Gods(Himavan), the owner of all valuable gems and precious metals, 
just married a fellow who did not have clothes to wear and so adorned himself with the skin of an elephant he killed. having no garlands, tied snakes around His neck, and tied his matted locks with some more snakes, and the matted hair was so solid with dirt that when a whole river fell on it with all its vigour, the whole Ganga was absorbed and no water came out...
She rode a fierce Lion while 
He transported Himself on an elderly bull..
Still Uma and Shankara are the most successful and everlasting couple..
What a compatibility!

Kalidasa explained this.. in Kumarasambhavam..
अकिञ्चनःसन प्रभवःस सम्पदां थ्रिलोकनाथःपित्रुसद्मगोचरः
सःभीमरूपःशिवःइत्युदीर्यते न सन्ति याथार्थ्यविदः पिनकनः

He is penniless, but he can bless anyone with all the riches anywhere,.. he is the source of all wealth... 
He is the master of the Universe but He does not know who His parents are or where he originally resided,,
He looks grotesque, in body and also in attire, but we call Him Shiva the calm and attractive one.. 
Indeed no one knows who is really this Master who wields the bow Pinaka.. that Shankara

In Devimahatmyam, Shakthi in her Kausiki form (Chapter 5) says that she could woo asHer husband only the one who can control her arrogance and vanquish Her if there is a fight... 
Who else other than this blue necked, fellow with matted hair can ever manage that? 
Once this Lady got the urge to perform the dance of destruction,, and if She had done this on land, the whole universe would have gone smithereens..

Then this gentleman allowed her to dance on his Chest till her passion for dance was over, and He survived that too..

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