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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

a friend indeed

कराविव शरीरस्य नेत्रयोरिव पक्ष्मणि।
अविचार्य प्रियं कुर्यात् तन्मित्रं मित्रमुच्यते॥
चाणक्य सूत्राद्
karāviva śarīrasya netrayoriva pakṣmaṇi|
avicārya priyaṁ kuryāt tanmitraṁ mitramucyate||
cāṇakya sūtrād

He is the true friend who looks after our welfare without any hesitations or reservations, 
just like the hands go to the rescue of the body impulsively
 or the lashes protect the eyes by reflex.

It is very easy to be a friend when conditions are favourable and boasting of such friendship would yield  personal advantage. 
But when the fortunes of a person are on the decline most of the so-called  friends vanish  or excuse themselves.
However the hands do not hesitate even in spite of the possible damage to them if the body is facing some threat. 
So also the lashes do not have second thoughts  before protecting the eyeballs.

 It would be worthwhile to remember what Chanakya said elsewhere....|
"a relative worth his name  is one who keeps us company even when we are summoned by the king for some trial and punishment,
or one who is accompanying  us to the burial ground either when we are carrying the body of a very dear person, or are being  carried away to the burial ground.
the idea should apply for a  friend too


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