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Friday, December 17, 2010

kill these four bedbugs

यक्ष उवाच
किं नु हित्वा प्रियो भवति किं नु हित्वा न शोचति।
किं नु हित्वाऽर्थवान् भवति किं नु हित्वा सुखी भवेत्॥
युधिष्ठिर उवाच
मानं हित्वा प्रियो भवति क्रोधम् हित्वा न शोचति।
कामं हित्वाऽर्थवान् भवति लोभम् हित्वा सुखी भवेत्॥
महभारते यक्षप्रश्ने  ५८--५९   २९७ सर्गं आरण्यकपर्वणि
yakṣa uvāca
kiṁ nu hitvā priyo bhavati kiṁ nu hitvā na śocati|
kiṁ nu hitvā'rthavān bhavati kiṁ nu hitvā sukhī bhavet||
yudhiṣṭhira uvāca
mānaṁ hitvā priyo bhavati krodham hitvā na śocati|
kāmaṁ hitvā'rthavān bhavati lobham hitvā sukhī bhavet||
mahabhārate yakṣapraśne  58--59   297 sargaṁ āraṇyakaparvaṇi

This is an interesting question-answer session between the Yaksha (who is fact is the Dharmaraaja) and yudhistira, the Dharmaputra.
The yaksha makes four queris 
1. abandoning what does one becomes the beloved of all?
2.abandoning what one is saved of all sorrows?

3. abandoning which one becomes the richest? and
4. abandoning which one becomes extremely comfortable?

The  equally wise son of that brilliant querist,  answers that:-
1.  if arrogance is abandoned, one becomes the darling of all, 
2. abstain from bouts  uncontrollable rage and one's sorrows also would be  packed off then.
3. steer clear of  lustfulness and one's wealth will remain with himself. 

4. put on tethers  avarice and eagerness to hoard everything for oneself and life becomes very calm and comfortable.

The questions and answers are classically lucid and no better comments can be ever made


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