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Monday, December 27, 2010

frog and its well

द्वाविमौ ग्रसते भूमिः सर्पो बिलशयानिव।
अरक्षितारं राजानं  ब्राह्मणम् चाप्रवासिनं॥
dvāvimau grasate bhūmiḥ sarpo bilaśayāniva|
arakṣitāraṁ rājānaṁ  brāhmaṇam cāpravāsinaṁ ||

ദ്വാമിവൌ ഗ്രസതെ ഭൂമി സര്‍പോ ബിലശയാനിവ
അരക്ഷിതാരം രാജാനം  ബ്രാഹ്മണം ച  അപ്രവാസിനം
A king who fails to protect his subjects and a man of knowledge who is not inclined to travel far and wide to spread his knowledge would be swallowed by the earth unceremoniously  just as a serpent  enters the hideouts of creatures like rats and gobbles them up.

The king (government which) who is not capable of protecting his(its)  people is only a liability for himself(itself) and others and goes into oblivion sooner or later.  Similarly knowledge has any virtue only if it is handed out to others all over the world.  It is not rare to see people who read a lot, learn a lot but just confine themselves to their own isolated circle.  They will also pass into oblivion.  We hear of the Koopa mandookam...the frog which thinks that the well in which it resides is the universe.  Travel is the best way to spread knowledge (of course it is also the best means to acquire knowledge)


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