pachai maamalai pol mene

Sunday, February 06, 2011

the glorious path

स्वस्ति पन्थानं अनु चरेम
पुनर् दधतध्नता
जानता सं गमेमहि॥
ऋग्वेदम् ५--५१--१५
svasti panthānaṁ anu carema
punar dadhatadhnatā
jānatā saṁ gamemahi||
ṛgvedam 5--51--15

O men,  let us tread the most righteous path like the one traversed by the sun and moon.   
Let our role models and leaders in our path  
be the benevolent men 
who take pleasure is giving, 
 who are highly learned and 
whose learning has transformed itself into very deep knowledge.

The primordial veda here stresses on the righteous path to be followed in life.  Whatever may be the provocation the Sun and the Moon never deviate an inch from their path ordained by the Almighty.  
 If any deviation occurs, the result will be the annihilation of universe. 
 And the three great souls we should keep company are the one who is ready to help others with all he has, the man who revels is acquiring knowledge and the one who understand what he learns and put such knowledge to proper use.