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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

even getting defeated by a hero is creditable

वरं नरः सत्पुरुषावमानितो न नीचसम्मानशताभिपूजितः।
वराश्वपादाभिगतोऽपि शोभते न गर्द्दभस्योपरिभूषिताकृतिः॥४७
चाणक्यराजनीत्यां अध्यायः ३
सत्पुरुषावमानितः नरः वरं।  न नीचसम्मान शत अभिपूजितः  यदा नरः वर अश्व पादाभिगतः अपि शोभते।  गर्द्दभस्योपरि आरूढः परिभूषिताकृतिः अपि न शोभते।
varaṁ naraḥ satpuruṣāvamānito na nīcasammānaśatābhipūjitaḥ|
varāśvapādābhigato'pi śobhate na garddabhasyoparibhūṣitākṛtiḥ||47
cāṇakyarājanītyāṁ adhyāyaḥ 3
satpuruṣāvamānitaḥ naraḥ varaṁ|  na nīcasammāna śata abhipūjitaḥ  yadā naraḥ vara aśva pādābhigataḥ api śobhate|  garddabasyopari ārūḍhaḥ paribhūṣitākṛtiḥ api na śobhate|

Another gem from Chanakya the Statesman.
 " A person who has been insulted by a noble person may be better for that.  But it is demeaning to live in apparent glory being praised and encouraged by a man of no character.  A person, perhaps a soldier who is fallen by the hoof af a pedigree horse is still great and apreciated.  But a fellow even if he is adorned in best clothes  will be still a laughing stock if he is mounted on a donkey.:"

This is very true in real life environs even today.  Often when we match wits with persons of great knowledge  we may stumble and commit errors on the face of the brilliance of our partner. We may even receive reprimands or rebukes in the process.  It is like getting beaten by a stronger hero in a war or a better sportsman in a game.   But when we have to serve people of low character, we will get a lot of fringe benefits and we may be able to get a lot of presents and compliments for  remaining partners in the looting, and such power and pelf gained through bad company will never allow us live in peace nor will we ever get any respect in the society.
But unfortunately Chanakya is silent about the third and  the most miserable group of persons  who are forced to work for and with people having all the qualities of  a donkey, but do not get decorated and only get kicked hard by the donkey in the process.  Long live the donkeys and their hard kicks.

।श्रीकृष्णो रक्षतु।
|śrīkṛṣṇo rakṣatu|
Have a nice and happy day
with profound respect and warm regards
K V Ananthanarayanan
त्यजन्तु बान्धवाः सर्वे निन्दन्तु गुरवो जनाःI
तदापि परमानन्दो गोविन्दो मम जीवनंII
let all my relatives abandon me, let the great people insult me, still I am in supreme bliss since my life  is GOVINDA alone.
Iकृष्णात् परं किमपि तत्वं अहं न जाने"I
लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु।
lokāḥ samastāḥ sukhino bhavantu|


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