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Thursday, May 03, 2012

fate is a major factor in shaping one's life.

fate is a major factor in shaping one's life.
लक्ष्मीकौस्तुभपारिजातसहजः सूनुः सुधाम्भोनीधे-
देवेन प्रणयप्रसादविधिना मूर्ध्ना धृतः शम्भुना।
अद्याप्युज्झति नैव दैवविहितं क्षैण्यं क्षपावल्लभः
केनान्येन विलङ्ग्यते विधिगतिः पाषाणरेखासखी॥२९
॥बल्लालदेवस्य भोजप्रबन्धात्॥
lakṣmīkaustubhapārijātasahajaḥ sūnuḥ sudhāmbhonīdhe-
devena praṇayaprasādavidhinā mūrdhnā dhṛtaḥ śambhunā|
adyāpyujjhati naiva daivavihitaṁ kṣaiṇyaṁ kṣapāvallabhaḥ
kenānyena vilaṅgyate vidhigatiḥ pāṣāṇarekhāsakhī||29
||ballāladevasya bhojaprabandhāt||

An introspection by the celebrated poet and wirter Ballaladeve of Varanasi, who lived in India in the 16-17th centurry AD when Akabar and Shajahan were in throne
In the course recording of the celebrated Bhojaraja, the poet exclaims with a tinge of sadness at the way fate takes people to untold misery.  Here he takes the example of the elegant moon, who has to undergo waxing and waning every fortnight.  He says.."  The moon has for its siblings, the goddess of wealth Lakshmi, the great gem Kaustubham adorning the neck of Narayanan and the Kalpvirksha which fulfils the desires of all the people (these three emanated from the milky ambrosical ocean when it was churned by devas and asuras to obtaine the elixir for eternal life, amrutham.).  Moreover his father is the milky ocean which is the storehouse of all the great treasures in the universe.  Not to be stopped with it, Lord Shambu, developed great fancy for the moon and with love he adorned his head with the lunar crescent. In spite of all these advantages, the moon has to undergo the loss of his lustre for fifteen days and then grow into full lustre in another fifteen day, and to continue this cycle eternally.  It is so oradained by fate. Even the greatest advantages and high connections cannot prevent this. The edict of the fate is recorded  as if with very sharp instrument on the hardest surface of a stone and it is not erasable.  The vagaries of fate have to be suffered by all.

We may make loud talks about our own capacity to create and turn the course of events to the best of our advantage.  The subject of management is full of pep talks and encouraging words on this.  But the theories will work only if the circumstances, which may be called as fate also, work in our favour.  One can decorate a person only when he is alive. The talent for decoration may be in our hands but the life of the person being decorated in in the hands of the fate.  The only factor which has turned the course of human existence ultimately was quirky change of contemporary circumstances, which we call fate.  Fate is very strong..May be people turn to God and prayer because they are afraid of the unpredictability of fate.


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