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Friday, May 18, 2012

sources of extreme pleasure

अष्टाविमानि हर्षस्य नव नीतानि भारत।
वर्तमानानि दृश्यन्ते तान्येव सुसुखान्यपि॥७८॥
समागमश्च सखिभिर्महांशैव धनागमः।
पुत्रेण च परिष्वङ्गः सम्निपातश्च मैथुने॥७९
समये च प्रियालापः स्वयूथेषु च संनतिः।
अभिप्रेतस्य लाभश्च पूजा च जनसंसदि॥८०॥
श्रीमहाभारते उध्योगपर्वणि प्रजागरणपर्वणि विदुरनीतिवाक्ये अद्ध्यायः ३३

aṣṭāvimāni harṣasya nava nītāni bhārata|

vartamānāni dṛśyante tānyeva susukhānyapi||78||
samāgamaśca sakhibhirmahāṁśaiva dhanāgamaḥ|
putreṇa ca pariṣvaṅgaḥ samnipātaśca maithune||79
samaye ca priyālāpaḥ svayūtheṣu ca saṁnatiḥ|
abhipretasya lābhaśca pūjā ca janasaṁsadi||80||
śrīmahābhārate udhyogaparvaṇi prajāgaraṇaparvaṇi viduranītivākye addhyāyaḥ 33

Vidura in his treatise on lifestyle as presented by him to his elder brother and king Dhristarasta  enumerates eight situations in life in this earth which bring to humans the greatest pleasure.
 " O the scion of Bharata, these are the eight best sources of extreme happiness on this earth. Such pleasures can be enjoyed only in this world. They are :-
 (1)  Happy get-together with friends.
 (2)  Coming into possession of immense wealth.
(3) Embracing one's own son 
(4) Dropping down in utter exhaustion and exhilaration after union with one's love
 (5) Pleasant  conversation with close friends at the proper time.
(6) Elevation of position and enhancement of reputation in one's own preferred circle
. (7) to be fortunate in acquiring or achieving things which one has been awaiting  to happen with pleasant anticipation.
 (8) Being respected and felicitated in the respectable and popular public assemblies and fora. "
Vidura appears to have left out nothing from the checklist.  However, the company of friends,  the embrace of a son and honour in an assembly appear to be even more pleasurable among   the eight.


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