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Saturday, May 05, 2012

A twitch of the eyebrow of the Master can change everything beyond recognition.

अम्भोधिः स्थलतां स्थलं जलधितां धूलीलवः शैलतां
मेरुर्मक्कुणतां तृणं कुलिशतां वज्रं तृणप्रायतां।
वह्निः शीतलतां हिमं दहनतामायाति यस्येच्छया
लीलादुर्ललिताद्भुतव्यसनिने देवाय तस्मै नमः॥३१॥
॥बल्लालदेवस्य भोजप्रभन्धात्॥
ambhodhiḥ sthalatāṁ sthalaṁ jaladhitāṁ dhūlilavaḥ śailatāṁ
merurmakkuṇatāṁ tṛṇaṁ kuliśatāṁ vajraṁ tṛṇaprāyatāṁ|
vahniḥ śītalatāṁ himaṁ dahanatāmāyāti yasyecchayā
līlādurlalitādbhutavyasanine devāya tasmai namaḥ||31||
||ballāladevasya bhojaprabhandhāt||
Here the poet Ballaladeva is paying respects in awe to the Divine will which creates so many miracles.
"The ocean turns into landscape and the land is turned into ocean in an infinitely small timespan by Him.A tiny speck of  dust is converted to mountain by Him and likewise  the   Meru mountain turns to dust.  A small piece of grass suddenly takes the shape of Vajrayudha or the weapon of thunderbolt, and the great weapon may not have the power of even a piece of grass if He wills so.   Smouldering fire may turn cool when He deems it fit and  the coolest snow may burn the world if He changes his mind.. The basic character of the Divine being appears to make things happen by his playful will  and my humble prostrations to that Great Force."

The basic character of objects remain so only when the great Lawgiver that is God wills it to be so.  We see sudden and explosive variations in nature which turns the entire universe topsy- turvy.  Think of the Tsunamis and cyclones, the wildfires and earthquakes.. We humans tend to be in a mood of complacency that everything in nature is under our control.  It is not so.  A twitch of the eyebrow of the Master can change everything beyond recognition.


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