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Thursday, May 10, 2012

It is all in the attitude

It is all in the attitude

प्राणव्ययेनापि कृतोपकाराः खलाः परे वैरमिवोद्वहन्ति॥४०॥
बल्लालदेवस्य भोजप्रबन्धात्
prāṇavyayenāpi kṛtopakārāḥ khalāḥ pare vairamivodvahanti||40||
ballāladevasya bhojaprabandhāt

The difference in sense of gratitude as exhibited by the noble person and the selfish one is described here by Ballaladeva in Bhojaprabandam.

"A man of noble character considers even a small favour like removing a dried grass from his hair,done by another person as if it were a service amounting to a gracious gift of millions of gold coins.
However, a selfish and evilminded fellow brooks enmity even with a person who has given up his own life in the service of the former."

It is indeed very graceful to see some persons expressing their gratitude even for very ordinary favours, and even action by others which are not really favours at all.
We can see gentlemen saying "thank you" for many things which are done only in the normal course of people's activities, that too after extracting the price for the thing or service rendered.

But we also meet people who never feel any sense of gratitude towards people go out of the way to make our lives much better..

We often take the services for granted.

See the policeman or the soldier who is on duty always ready to do anything including the supreme sacrifice with their own life for the society or the country in the performance of their duties..

How many people are thankful to them?

Rather, people are keen to curse the public servant even for the small errors that may occur in the course of their heavy and hectic work schedule.

It is all in the attitude of men.

We have to realize that no service can ever be compensated adequately with cash payments.

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