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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

काव्यं यशसे अर्थकृते for fame and little money too

for fame and little money too 
काव्यं यशसे अर्थकृते

On the issue of any literary creation carrying some morals, there is a lot of food for thought..
काव्यं यशसे अर्थकृते 
kaavyam yashase arthakrithey.. says a standard text..

literary creation is for fame and also to earn money.. according to one strongly prevalent school of thought..
Kunchan Nambyar said..ദീപസ്തംഭം മഹാശ്ചര്യം എനിക്കും കിട്ടണം പണം..... 
(the king who was a sponsor for may minor and major writers, had erected a huge searchlight.. and he was just hearing the praises of all his courtiers over the greatness of such light. Obviously the eulogies came from persons who expected gifts from the king..
Kunchan Nambiar the great Satirist of Kerala , was also in the court.. After listening to the litany of praises by many of his colleagues, the poet also wanted to tell something great about the construction .. of course keepin an eye on the purse that would be given as gift by the king
He could find little to say.. 
So he said.
"The deepastambham (the searchlight) is really wonderful.
And I want to get the gift of money too..")

While telling stories across generations, the authors introduced some romantic element and hyperboles , whether connected with the story-line or not..

It is the same in Kumarasambhavam or the works of Muttathu varkey or even Thakazhi or Vijayan.. and almost in all novels by Western authors..
( I mean by romance all the meanings attached to it in colloquial parlance.. )

Language has a law of grammar, and phonetics because it is created and maintained by groups of men..

But life appears to be programmed by some external entity, and no replication in absolute terms is ever seen..

No res judicata in life..

So I do not know whether a literary creation, which narrates life, should definitely convey a moral.because "moral" appears to be a very loose term. 
And if it is to convey a moral, should it be positive or can it be negative too is another ticklish question..

If we can read a book from cover to cover without getting the urge to skip the pages or to jump to the last page, may be, the author is successful in his mission..

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