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Friday, September 12, 2014

He is the most efficient thief in the universe.

He is the most efficient thief in the universe.
पुत्रं कुलस्य भुवनस्य च रक्षितारंअभ्यर्थितोऽपि भगवानरविन्दनाभः।

त्वां मे ददौ विधिवशात् भुवनैकचोरंइत्याह कोपमभिनीय सुतं यशोदा॥श्रीकृष्णविलासकाव्ये ३-९९
putraṁ kulasya bhuvanasya ca rakṣitāraṁabhyarthito'pi bhagavānaravindanābhaḥ|tvāṁ me dadau vidhivaśāt bhuvanaikacoraṁityāha kopamabhinīya sutaṁ yaśodā||śrīkṛṣṇavilāsakāvye 3-99

പുത്രം കുലസ്യ ഭുവനസ്യ ച രക്ഷിതാരം അഭ്യര്‍ഥിതോപി ഭഗവാന്‍ അരവിന്ദനാഭഃത്വാം മേ ദദൌ വിധിവശാത് ഭുവനൈകചോരം ഇത്യാഹ കോപമാഭിനീയ സുതം യശോദാ


The boy Krishna is very active in his nocturnal forays into the households of the gopas and his activity of stealing milk and butter is going unhampered.
Yashoda is flooded with complaints about the little fellow's stealthy deeds.. 
She knows these are only pranks..

She tries to pretend that she is  angry with the boy, but anger eludes her.
With mock indignation, the luckiest mother ever  tells her son that she had been praying to Lord Padmanabha that she should be blessed with a son who will be the protector of her clan and the whole world, but as her luck would have it she is having a boy who is the most efficient thief in the whole of the world.

" Feigning anger, Mother Yashoda tells her son,
 " the Lord with Lotus sprouting from his navel ( Padmanabha) was being entreated by me  that a son who is the protector of our clan and the whole world may be born to me, but the Lord has, perhaps by a quirk of fate, given me a son who is the foremost among the thieves in the whole world"

Funny is it not.?
Yasodha prayed for a son who is the protector of the world and The God himself has come to Gokulam as her son..
But through His pranks, He has made her so desperate that she ends up confessing that she has been blessed with a hard-boiled thief for a son..
True, He is the most efficient thief in the universe..
Who else can rob the three worlds of its misfortunes and misery?

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