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Monday, September 22, 2014

the five great sins

the five great sins

the five mahapathakams or five  most heinous sins according to Hindu belief are
 Desecrating the preceptor's bed
Killing learned men
Drinking hooch
and finally the act of supporting or helping in any of the four acts..

Yes, we believe that abetting a wrong deed is as bad as committing it.

न केवलं यो महतो अपभाषते शृणोति तस्मादपि यः स पापभाक्

Not only the one who scandalizes or insults others but those who hear that ( and support it covertly or openly ) are also partners in the sin..

This is what Kalidasa puts in his Mahakavyam-- Kumarasambhavam -- in the words of Uma

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