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Saturday, September 20, 2014

more than a slice of life.. a cut..

more than a slice of life.. a cut..
I remember of one of my late uncles in this connerction .. Most of them my uncles were having short sight.. And my mama(uncle) was in the habit of self-shaving.. even in ancient times... my mama  is gone and must be ninety five if he were alive-
After the morning shave he would call mami(aunt) every day and ask her to see whether his shave was effective.. and the couple was young at the time of reporting.. whether she liked it or not mami has to feel the chin and cheeks of the mama for its geographical patterns everyday. every morning .
We the urchins would watch the process with a lot of romantic undertones..

Mami would have been usually busy otherwise in the morning and she would give mama a real tongue-lash while certifying the effectiveness or otherwise of the shave..
However the pattern of dialogue ( or monologue?) is the same as every mami would be delivering to every mama in every pattar household in every slot of history..,,, Ammalu Appu or Hema.Kannan .
So it need not be repeated, I trust..

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